SEO Trends 2020: 8 Trends to keep an on to Succeed

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July 6, 2019

The digital world is constantly changing. What was right today can change from moment to moment, especially on large online platforms, and this is often vital to the success of a business.

There are thousands of websites online that rely on search engines to attract new customers, but only few are able to reach the first page. In this ultra-competitive environment, it is crucial that start-ups are constantly optimizing their websites according to the latest search engine trends and updates.

 Without having a crystal ball, there are obvious trends for an attentive observer of the trade. In the coming year 2020, we do not anticipate major upheavals, but rather the continuation of trends already present. As a result, below are some SEO 2020 trends, and what you need to do to progress in SEO services when the new year arrives:

 1. Safety first = https or nothing

Having an https site means that the user’s data is encrypted and better protected . In recent years, this is becoming a standard web trend, especially under the impetus of the giants of the web.

This is no longer a hypothesis, but a fact: having a site that is not https protocol will be untenable in 2020. In addition to being a proven signal ranking for Google, each new version of Chrome buries a little more sites that are not in https, adding alarming warning messages to the user.

For additional confirmation, in February 2019, 82% of the pages loaded in Chrome in the world are in https. This leaves 18% of page views that are not.

What to do: if you have not already migrated, swiftly move all your sites into https, taking care to migrate everything, including your sub-domains and resources (images, cache, …) . Otherwise, beware of the penalty!

 2. Mobile-first

It’s been 2 years now that more than 50% of Google queries are done on mobile. But since 2018, Google has started to really become “Mobile-first” . That is to say that, to discover a site, Google’s robots use a mobile user-agent (i.e.: Google’s bot visits the site as if it were from a mobile phone). Little by little, websites are moving to “mobile-first” for Google and by 2020, all sites will be there.

 What to do: It is absolutely necessary to make sure that your site is adapted for mobile, and the pages presented on mobile have the same contents as on desktop.

3. Voice Search Revolution

According to available data, by 2020, 50% of searches will be done by voice. Google’s assistant, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, Amazon’s Alexa, or Microsoft’s Cortana are just a few of the voice assistants that are already on the market.

The big brands bet on this type of technology shows the possible way that the market will go. It’s therefore important to focus on optimizing your voice searches and the most important keywords in your business.

  4. Web-perf (loading time)

It’s been a few years now that Google says that loading time is an important criterion for SEO. This will be even more so in 2020; that’s for sure, and it’s a great thing.

After series of studies, it is quite notable that the loading time of the pages is a key factor of positioning in Google , as well as conversion rate and satisfaction for users, especially on mobile.

What to do: in 2020, no hesitation should be made with regards to investing in web-perf. CDN, query optimization, and code cleanliness. Of course, all this represents a significant development work, but that will have positive impacts on the whole site.

 5. Video Keyword Search

Videos will play a key role in search engines. By 2020, 75% of all Internet traffic is expected to be made via video. Currently, companies using videos in their advertising strategy have 49% more traffic, so it may be important to include this type of content on your website.

Tutorials, vlogs, branded movies, day to day activities of the company, are just a few video ideas that you can include on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, or Flickr. This type of content is especially relevant for companies with millennials and Generation Z as their target audience, as these two generations are more likely to consume more videos in the year 2020.

 6. Using blockchain for technical SEO

The blockchain is one of the most widely used words in the business world in 2019. By the year 2020, it is expected that there will be a 79.5% increase in the market for this technology. As a result, its best to  use it to advertise your website adequately.

 7. The Amazon Search entry

You may not have heard of it yet, but the A9 algorithm, which determines how products are displayed on Amazon is going to be part of the work of all SEOs in 2020; or at least of those who have accounts related to the sale of products (books and ebooks included) through the retail giant.

Actually, if you take into account that worldwide 44% of searches for specific products start on Amazon , and that the conversion level exceeds 60%, it would as well be clear that ignoring the new rules of the game does not seem like a good strategy to run in 2020.

What is certain is that the rules of the game in Amazon Search are different from those of traditional search engines (with the specific differences between search engines included), and that a good strategy should be based on maintaining relevance within seconds at the corporate level , and within the retail giant at the product level.

 8. The space of virtual and augmented reality

Google has been working with virtual reality and augmented reality for some time .

However, beyond the addition of these to the browser, enabling artificial intelligence with ARC code for developers, and the brand’s own products, everything seems to indicate that in 2020, we will begin to see more public-inclined developments related to virtual and augmented reality technology.

In fact, this is precisely what makes it a great strategy to get attention; and probably in the year 2020, it will become something of massive use, and obviously the search engine wants to maintain its online monopoly and generate the new rules of the game.

 In conclusion, the key to being at the forefront of SEO is to predict future trends by keeping an eye on every single move made by Google.

 Furthermore, 2020 would present some important developments in terms of SEO trends, as well as the consolidation of issues that were already relevant during 2019. This can be easily confirmed through the SEO strategy/ tactics 2020 highlighted above.

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