Top Techniques for SEO

What are the top techniques for SEO?
July 5, 2019
SEO Trends 2020: 8 Trends to keep an on to Succeed
September 14, 2019

 The random list of search results that we get after we punch our keywords into the search box is not as random as they seem to be. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation is the art of optimizing our content to fit in that algorithm and so that we can get high quantity traffic from search engines and thereby improve our ranking in that random but not-so-random list of search results.

Here is the list of various techniques or hacks that can be used for SEO

Descriptions and Introductions

 Articles with greater word count and descriptions are more likely to be preferred over the short ones because long articles are assumed to contain more in-depth information than the short ones.

Eliminate technical SEO issues

 A well-written article with proper title tags and descriptions may not get a high rank because of technical issues which include broken links, duplicate title/description tags or images without alt texts.

Keywords and Meta elements

 Keywords are the words or phrases that the user enters into the search box. The content of your page should match these keywords while also being relevant to that topic. And the usage of meta keywords can enhance quality.














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